This three-wheel EV is still the most fun thing we’ve driven all year

Jonathan Gitlin

Without a doubt, the most fun thing I’ve driven all year is also the cheapest. It’s the Arcimoto SRK: a three-wheeled electric vehicle that remains the one thing I liked about CES 2016. Since then the Oregonian startup has been beavering away, refining the design of the $12,000 EV as it readies for production next year. The SRK made its way to DC recently, and that meant another chance to drive it—this time on some familiar city streets. Yet again, the experience blew me away.

It’s a tandem trike, with each front wheel powered by its own 25kW (34hp) electric motor. But don’t let the handlebars fool you; with seats, seatbelts, and a roof, even the bike-phobic like me are quite at home here. In fact, earlier versions of Arcimoto’s platform actually used a steering wheel and pedals before evolving into the SRK, and it corners with almost no body roll. There’s a 12kWh lithium-ion battery pack, good for about 70 miles (112km) of range, although a 20kWh pack will also be available. Depending on the state, you don’t need a motorcyle license to drive it, but for those where that doesn’t apply, you can take the test in the SRK.

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