The Penanggalan Is Scarier Than Any Vampire You’ve Seen In The Movies

Penanggalans are terrifying figures from Southeast Asian legends. During the day they may appear as normal, beautiful women. So you might think, “Hey, this normal lady is totally normal and I might take her home and introducer her to Mom.” But that would be a huge mistake.

At night, penanggalan heads detach from their bodies, floating around with all their guts dangling below. This severed head flies in search of victims as the entrails below glitter like firefly lights. Like lame old vampires, penanggalans eat blood. But they do it with a long, invisible tongue. Children and pregnant women are the Penanggalans’ preferred prey.

Want to become a penanggalan? First, you need to make a bargain with some sort of dark, all-powerful creature (like the devil). You hold up your end of the bargain and the demon will give you magic powers. But fail to live up to the deal and you’ll be cursed to become a penanggalan.