The Future of Train Travel, the Hyperloop, and the High-Speed Trains

In a recently published article the perspectives of the high-speed trains are considered. What should we expect in the future?

Hyperloop and the Future of Train Travel

In the last one-hundred years, transportation advancements have steamed past the railcars of the 1800s to bring us automobiles that will soon reach complete and total autonomy and passenger aircraft that can crush the sound barrier.

In this rapidly progressing environment, it’s easy to think of trains as a more outdated technology and a bit of a vehicle of the past.

But they’re not. In fact, trains may actually be the future of travel, especially given the increasing congestion of roadways. Trains offer significant advantages found in no other transportation method.

As the world heads into the next decades with scarcer resources, climate change, and higher urban populations, there will be an ever-growing demand for fast and efficient travel that is both safe and affordable.

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