Slooh Live Streams: A Free Front-Row Seat To Outer Space

Getting a free, live, virtual tour of space stuff is cool enough. But for even just $5 per month membership on Slooh, you can steer the scope. The lowest tier paid membership will get you five telescope reservations every month, allowing you to control one of Slooh’s state-of-the-art telescopes for five to 10 minutes. A $25 per month membership will get you unlimited telescope reservations. Find a new galaxy! Name it after your favorite Muppet!

If, for some reason, you’re not geeking out over the opportunity to just stare at crazy space junk whenever you want, consider a different perspective. “True to our mission, we welcome diverse perspectives about what is out ‘there’, knowing that no one interpretation can ever be definitive. We encourage you to share your own sense of wonder as we seek to curate our collective human response to space across every style of thought and expression,” Slooh CEO and founder Michael Paolucci writes on the website. “Ultimately, we believe we offer a meditation of sorts, a way to reflect on the light we see, and its subsequent reflection upon others.”